We understand divorce. We know this is a difficult period of time where reasonable, responsible people do some pretty wild things. Divorce is a painful emotionally draining process. Your mind will feel numb or paralyzed, you will feel sad and your future will be different and uncertain. Each time you go to court for your divorce proceedings a paralysis will take over and many feelings will rush through your body. Why feel this way for 48 months?

The mediation process can address the issues, solve the problems and be completed in hours not months. Upon reaching settlement your new future will have some dimension and begin to take shape and later will become better defined. Why not get the divorcing process over quickly??

Here are some well defined stages of Divorce

  • Denial

  • Shock

  • Emotional Rollercoaster

  • Negotiating

  • Letting Go

  • Acceptance

Divorce is a little bit about the law, a lot to do with your community and separate property, support issues, parenting plan, the wellbeing of your children, visitation plans and the children’s higher education.

Psychology and psychologists can be part of the puzzle.

Rage in Divorce

Mediation is a solutions-based process. There is no room or need to bring your rage into the conversation or the process.

Angry, darting or judgmental attitudes are not allowed by the mediator. The focus is on the task at hand…completing the process successfully!!

Our philosophy is that humor is the ointment that is needed not bad, sore or angry feelings.

At Successful Mediation Services, we control the conversation and will put a quick stop to any angry comments or unprofessional behavior and remind the participants that focus, understanding and cooperation is the path to a timely successful solution.

Package of Information

Upon engaging our services, we will send you a questionnaire and list of records and documents to bring to mediation. All records and documents must be submitted to our main office 5 days before your mediation date.

You may need an “off premises” attorney who is knowledgeable in family law matters is recommended, but not necessary. Your attorney cannot be on the mediation site or property.

We are acting as mediators, a neutral third party, that will help you arrive at a negotiated settlement. We are professionals and not acting as Lawyers, CPA’s, Financial Planners, Doctors, Psychologists or Psychiatrists.